Day 118

Project Management Today I was looking at Jira and JetBrains YouTrack. I’m trying out both to see if I like them. I may use them in the future. I also looked at the WordPress API for getting all the posts of this site. I noticed that the html returned is a single string with escaped… Continue reading Day 118

Day 090

Almost 100 days I’ve been doing this for 90 days now, amazing. I plan on writing a longer summary at 100 days. I’ve also noticed while writing this I haven’t been adding subheadings after the main heading of the day number. I need to go back and add those. I’ve also looked at my to-do… Continue reading Day 090

Day 082

Today I started working on a portfolio page on this website and it’s absolutely awful. I really need to create a dedicated website for my portfolio outside of WordPress. I’ll probably use a CSS framework. I decided to start working on it now because I found an old project on my GitHub called portfolio is… Continue reading Day 082

Day 057

WordPress and AWS Lambda Instead of working on the betting website I decided to take a look at the new WordPress theme twenty twenty two. It’s pretty good. I’m looking at switching to it but I’ll need some time. I also want to use AWS Lambda that will run the same function as a backup… Continue reading Day 057

Day 035

Tags Looked through each post and added more tags. SSL Errors Also spent a few hours trying to connect to a MySQL database with python in an Azure function but I kept getting an error about switching to ssl disconnecting from server when trying to switch to SSL. In the end I needed to use… Continue reading Day 035

Day 011

More site changes Added a new Ideas page where I’ll add information about the projects I’m making. Also updated the main development diary page to make it more mobile friendly. TODO: Create a new info page for each idea. Create a homepage instead of listing latest posts