Day 123

Excel Files Today I’ve been looping through excel files with Python. I had been doing a task that reads multiple files in a folder but the file names had to be numbered. I had forgotten how to use the openpyxl library. I was wondering why I couldn’t get the value of a cell to display.… Continue reading Day 123

Day 103

Function Changes Today I wanted to change my function that runs every day to get the latest fixtures information. I previously received the fixtures for one league and then saved them into the database and then did the same for another league. I wanted to make only one call to the database so experimented with… Continue reading Day 103

Day 102

Fixed for real this time I was able to fix my problem from yesterday fairly quickly in the early morning today. I knew I wanted a custom BSON _id but wasn’t sure how to do it. My attempts always resulted in errors so I turned to stack overflow and found a working solution. It’s a… Continue reading Day 102

Day 096

Finally inserted all fixtures into a MySQL database 😎 It only took 66 days but I’ve finally figured out how to bulk insert the hundreds of fixtures into a MySQL database. I had an idea of what I needed to do but struggled implementing it. Today I kept making silly mistakes. I knew I wanted… Continue reading Day 096

Day 012

Python and Spreadsheets Spent today working on automating creating spreadsheets with python. I found an old project I was working on that still needed to be worked on. Today I was mostly focused on watching Formula 1.