Day 099

More bugs Today I started tweaking my betting site and I was curious why I had CSS styles both in a separate stylesheet and within the component JavaScript file. I assumed that it would just be the same styles twice but I found that they are different. Removing the styles from the stylesheet affects the… Continue reading Day 099

Day 098

Practice First Now that I have no database problems I want to practice using NodeJS with databases by actually following full tutorial. I want to make sure I understand Node before continuing adding features to my betting site. Also taking a closer look at JavaScript would be helpful as well but that could take a… Continue reading Day 098

Day 097

Node and Mongo Fixed the issue I had with MongoDB and not really understanding how to reference another document. I looked at more documentation and practiced with testing projects and now I’ve solved the issue. Close #6 by jamiestorey ยท Pull Request #15 ยท jamiestorey/BroccoliBet.NodeApp ( It’s really good timing too, only one day after… Continue reading Day 097

Day 075

Distinct in Mongo Today I’ve been working on my betting app again. I wanted to display all the fixtures for a specific round but needed to get a list of all rounds available. I used distinct in mongo to achieve this and then I rendered the list in the app dashboard. I wrote more about… Continue reading Day 075

Day 065

Same issue as Days 23 and 24 I’m trying to render my fixtures as web components like I did in days 23 and 24 On day 23 I had a problem with the teams scores not showing and then day 24 fixed that but the team names were not showing. I fixed that too but… Continue reading Day 065

Day 059

Rendering Fixtures from MongoDB I rendered fixtures today. I’m doing it server side with handlebars for now. Later I still plan on using Vue. I had a silly error that took me a long time to figure out. I was trying to search for fixtures for a specific round and was searching for fixture_round but… Continue reading Day 059