Day 073

html and css Today I was trying to take a timesheet spreadsheet and create a web layout version. I wasn’t successful as I found it very difficult. I wrote more about it on todays code every day page found here: CodeEveryDay/042 at master ยท jamiestorey/CodeEveryDay ( Here is a code pen and I’ve just noticed… Continue reading Day 073

Day 024

๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ Well I’ve almost fixed my problem from yesterday with the scores not rendering. I first tried removing all CSS to see if the content was just hidden but that didn’t make it show up. I just copied my fixtures html again and then added it to my JavaScript and added the slots again and… Continue reading Day 024

Day 023

It’s Broken I’ve been working with vanilla web components today. I don’t like working with them and much prefer using a framework. I was testing using web components to display my football fixtures. Everything was going okay until it came to displaying the scores. Nothing inside the scores div is rendered. I have no idea… Continue reading Day 023

Day 017

More HTML I’ve been working on the fixtures html again. I’m having fun, it should be time to load the fixture details from JSON soon. I need to work on a JavaScript solution to expand a fixture individually. Right now you can only expand the first fixture to reveal more information.

Day 016

HTML Today I decided to work on some html for when I eventually make the website. It was fun but CSS is still challenging to me trying to make elements align the way I want them to. I used flexbox for the first time which is cool. Here is a code pen of what I… Continue reading Day 016