Day 102

Fixed for real this time I was able to fix my problem from yesterday fairly quickly in the early morning today. I knew I wanted a custom BSON _id but wasn’t sure how to do it. My attempts always resulted in errors so I turned to stack overflow and found a working solution. It’s a… Continue reading Day 102

Day 101

It’s broken again I thought I had solved the issue of including team names with the bets but today I realised I overlooked something. I include the team names in bets by looking up the unique Mongo BSON _id which is generated in the daily Azure function. That function drops the database everyday and thus… Continue reading Day 101

Day 099

More bugs Today I started tweaking my betting site and I was curious why I had CSS styles both in a separate stylesheet and within the component JavaScript file. I assumed that it would just be the same styles twice but I found that they are different. Removing the styles from the stylesheet affects the… Continue reading Day 099

Day 097

Node and Mongo Fixed the issue I had with MongoDB and not really understanding how to reference another document. I looked at more documentation and practiced with testing projects and now I’ve solved the issue. Close #6 by jamiestorey ยท Pull Request #15 ยท jamiestorey/BroccoliBet.NodeApp ( It’s really good timing too, only one day after… Continue reading Day 097

Day 096

Finally inserted all fixtures into a MySQL database ๐Ÿ˜Ž It only took 66 days but I’ve finally figured out how to bulk insert the hundreds of fixtures into a MySQL database. I had an idea of what I needed to do but struggled implementing it. Today I kept making silly mistakes. I knew I wanted… Continue reading Day 096