Day 083

In the very beginning of this diary I said I wanted to make my betting website in C# but then I ended up using NodeJS instead. Today I started following along with a tutorial on creating websites with Blazor and .NET 6. jamiestorey/BlazorTutorialProject: Following along with a tutorial ( Years ago I wanted to make… Continue reading Day 083

Day 014

Compare Guesses Today I’ve been working in my practice .NET Interactive notebook. I’ve been working on comparing the guesses of a player against a match result. I was using 2 different structs at first but it wasn’t easy to compare the 2 so I just changed to use 1 struct. I’ll probably change that later… Continue reading Day 014

Day 008

A Day of Learning After deciding to switch the project from Python to C# I realised the API I use doesn’t have any code examples for C#. Edit: 3rd February 2022 The API I use now has documentation for C# I spent the day learning about different ways of using APIs with C# and the… Continue reading Day 008