Day 077

I didn’t work on any projects today. Yesterday I started a course on OpenLearn about Data and processes in computing. It’s similar to a module I completed at University but it’s still fun to look at the concepts again. So far I’ve covered Sequences, Tuples and Sets. The missing database hours Todays usage 331 hours… Continue reading Day 077

Day 076

Betting site updates I’m working on my betting site again. I’ve ran into different problems. First I needed to put the premier league and league one fixtures into one mongo collection. I had to update my Azure function. insert fixtures into one collection “fixtures” ยท jamiestorey/azure-time-trigger-function-daily_football_api@fa77239 ( Now I need to be able to let… Continue reading Day 076

Day 075

Distinct in Mongo Today I’ve been working on my betting app again. I wanted to display all the fixtures for a specific round but needed to get a list of all rounds available. I used distinct in mongo to achieve this and then I rendered the list in the app dashboard. I wrote more about… Continue reading Day 075

Day 074

Editing my Azure Function I didn’t do much today. I only edited my Azure function to load a database name from an environment variable because I had it hardcoded. I also removed the unused code. The missing database on Azure I’m still monitoring the disappearance of my MySQL database on Azure. I still don’t have… Continue reading Day 074

Day 071

Azure… Azure is annoying me even more now. Yesterday I mentioned the missing MySQL database. When I try access it from a link from my browser history I get a 404 error. When I look under billing and usage for my free tier services I can see that the hours for MySQL hours are going… Continue reading Day 071

Day 070

Where’s my database gone? Today I was working on my Azure function that receives the football fixtures from the API. I haven’t checked on it in a while but knew it was running okay because I could see the updated results in the mongo database. But I used to check the results in the MySQL… Continue reading Day 070