Day 003

Making a start Today I’ve made a start on the betting app. I’ve made some plans on paper and on Azure DevOps. I’ve also created a Jupyter notebook detailing the process of querying the football API and parsing the response. Yesterday I said I wanted to work on this project for at least 4 hours… Continue reading Day 003

Day 002

Slow progress Today I’ve been working on the betting site for only a short time. Instead of making a website I’m instead making a command line application first. I’m writing it in Python using the Typer library. I’m making slow progress. I’ve only been working on parsing the JSON response from the sports API. I… Continue reading Day 002

Day 001

First Day It’s the first day of using my development diary. I haven’t worked on any of my projects yet and instead spent today working on this website. I still need to work on the layout of the website. I spent a long time thinking about how I wanted this website to look and what… Continue reading Day 001