My Development Diary

Hi, I’m Jamie Storey and this is my development diary. I am going to write about what I’ve been working on every day.

My Goal:

My ultimate goal is to get a job as a Software Developer. I started programming aged 14 and still don’t have a portfolio. I didn’t really make anything that I think is good enough to show off.

I took a break from programming in 2017 and now I’m determined to start again and turn my ideas into working projects.

My Ideas:

I want to build a portfolio, I have a few projects that I want to work on which are:

  • A Betting Website – This is what I’m currently working on.
  • A Pet Game – This is something I’ve wanted to make since 2015. It will be a big project and I have lots of ideas for it. I need to create a plan and a prototype.
  • A Race Game – In college, I made a race game that was a desktop application in Visual Basic. I want to make it again as a website and I plan on intergating it with my pet game by having pets race each other. I also want to integrate it with my betting app by betting on which pet will win and earning points to use in the pet game.
  • Candle Making Notebook

You can read more about my ideas on my ideas page.

What I’ll be learning:

I also need to familiarise myself with the following technologies:

  • Javascript – I used to learn this every year from 2012 – 2015 but forgot everything after using it for one project. There are a lot of frameworks to use, I’m not sure which one to use. I’d like to try a few of them. I’ll also be learning Node js. I used to always avoid using this because I didn’t like Javascript but now I understand how useful it is.
  • Databases – I’m not good at designing databases. I’ll be using NoSQL databases for my projects to begin with and then maybe use relational databases later.
  • APIs – These seem to be everywhere now. I never really understood them but now I’m learning about them and plan on creating my own. I’m also now using them in my projects, the betting website I’m making depends on data from a sports API.