Day 122

Procrastination Trying to learn how to overcome Procrastination. It’s going to be difficult. I’m reading the book The Anti-Procrastination Mindset which I purchased from Amazon in May 2019 ha. I had only read 17% of it.

Day 117

Nothing #? Nothing again, I should go back and count how many times I haven’t done anything.

Day 116

I have a problem I still haven’t done anything. I don’t know what my problem is but it’s really annoying. I really want to work on my projects but I just don’t start. It’s frustrating but I’m not going to be too hard on myself. If I do something then great if not, oh well.

Day 115

Google Workspace Today I setup google workspace for a new domain. I registered . I’m going to use it for testing different sites. I setup Google Workspace because I had a 3 months for free offer. The automatic setup with my registrar didn’t work. Google added an extra period to the last mx record… Continue reading Day 115